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We are pleased to announce that since the 25th of August 2022 we are QUALIOPI certified.

Our next training course dates:

  • 03/10/2022 au 02/12/2022
  • 16/01/2023 au 17/03/2023
  • 08/05/2023 au 07/07/2023
  • 04/09/2023 au 04/11/2023

Goals and terms


  • Adults, unemployed or working, whether for a professional reconversion project or for your first steps in the workplace.
  • People wishing to perfect their knowledge either for volunteering purposes in associations, shelters, or to bring their skills to the well-being of the animal cause.
  • Or simply for oneself, for their own dogs, whether to start their own business or to honor a position in a canine center that is recruiting.

Goals of the training course

  • Master the skills and knowledge necessary for working as a dog educator.
    The idea is to train up professionals, people capable of managing canine education sessions the day after training finishes. By giving relevant advice, by setting up professional situations. Each trainee will carry the Au Coeur des Chiens image, we must offer complete training and let our trainees leave with indisputable skills. This is why we advise people wishing to train up to select their center carefully.
  • We do not recommend distance learning, which in itself is of no use. At the end of this training you will be a canine educator, you will have to advise clients but also show them how to do the work. Something difficult to do when your knowledge only comes from paper.

Educational goals

  • Make dogs follow basic commands
  • Teach the dog’s owner how to get their dog to obey the basic commands
  • Identify canine behavioral disorders
  • Solve canine behavioral problems
  • Teach the owner to understand canine behavioral disorders
  • Define canine codes
  • Read canine codes
  • Implement an action related to the reading of canine codes

Training course combining practice and theory

The center Au Cœur des Chiens chooses to have you work at home on the subjects that can be studied without our support, the basics such as anatomical charts, dog breeds, diseases. You will then be invited to come to the training center for one or two months depending on the option chosen. And it is here that you will learn the essentials, putting it into practice!

The center only accepts 4 to 6 people per session, in order to be as available as possible for everyone, and above all to be able to put the trainees in as many situations as possible. This is where you will gain experience, contact with the dogs, and learn by their side. Nothing better for learning than by doing hands-on scenarios! The first day is dedicated to the presentation of the structure, to the organization of training (schedules, transport for meals, breaks, accommodation, etc.) During the visit of the center, the trainees will discover the structures, the surrounding environment, the equipment, and the Au Coeur des Chiens team.

Terms and access times

The start of face-to-face training is only possible after a maximum period of 3 weeks during which the candidate revises independently thanks to the training materials sent by the organization by email during final registration. This preparation makes it possible to meet the requirements of the evaluation submitted to the candidate at the start of the training.

Let’s summarize the steps:

  • Contact us by phone, email, or come directly to the dog center
  • We collect your information and we offer you a short questionnaire in order to target your expectations
  • We transfer to you from Google drive the learner’s file which includes:
    • The welcome booklet
    • The training quote 
    • The training program 
    • A training contract 
    • An appointment 
  • Send us back all the completed documents as well as payment of the deposit. Either by mail (payment by check), or by bank transfer (we can send you our bank details upon request)
  • Once your documents have been received, we will transfer the theoretical lessons to you by Google drive (as a reminder, the first two days of the training will be dedicated to the visit of the center and the theoretical tests)


Methods used


  • Theoretical courses will be sent to you before the start of the training course, the theoretical lessons will have to be learned beforehand in able to access the two months practical course, however this is not possible if the deadline is less than 3 weeks before the start of the training course
  • Active pedagogy – 30% theory – 70% practice 
  • The practical work will be done on our educational grounds
  • You will have use of basic equipment and specific equipment (leashes, collar, lanyard, muzzle, collar, harness, treat, toy, intelligent games)
  • You will be able to work with our customers dogs for the 2 month period
  • You will be in contact with a wide variety of dog breeds and clients that allow learners to be in real life professional situations.
  • At the end of the training you will have a solid experience given the rich panel of customers.

Lieu de la formation

    • From Monday to Friday 9h00 to 12h00 and 13h30 to 17h30
    • Discover our “canijeux” dog games on Saturday morning from 10h until 12h
    • Au Cœur des Chiens : 6 chemin de la Folie aux Jésuites – 16000 ANGOULEME
    • The center is situated at the end of a dead end road, 6 chemin de La Folie aux Jésuites in Angoulême. Being situated 5 minutes away from the town center of Angoulême in the Petit Fresquet district allows us to work on our education fields as well as in town, in the woods and in different parks all less than 10 minutes away. The park de l’Anguienne in situated 150m from the center.

    Our buildings are split into 3 spaces:

    • At the center we have an education field of 1200 square meters, buildings which are 100 square meters and a small car park that can fit 10 cars. 100 meters away from the center is a carpark that can fit 20 cars.

      Price and duration of the training course

      • The 2 month training course represents 280h : 5200€
      • 35h/week – from Monday to Friday  (7h00/ day) 9h00 to 12h00 and from 13h30 to 17h30

      Your first day

      The first day is dedicated to the presentation of the structure, to the organization of the training course (schedules, meals, breaks, accommodation etc.) During the visit of the center, the learners will discover the structures, the surrounding environment, the equipment, and the Au Coeur des Chiens team. A presentation of the program will be made and it will be displayed in the classroom to be viewed by learners.

      Further information

      Meals are not provided but for the sake of cohesion, the trainees can take their meals with the training team. On simple request in the morning, the center will be able to order, under conditions, meals which will be delivered to us on site. The canine center is close to a commercial area (Jaufertie park -16800 Soyaux – 5 min by car) with several food outlets (flunch, Asian flavor, mac donalds, kebab, carrefour, grand frais, pizza dominici) . The learners will have at their disposal the fridge, the microwave and the coffee machine of the canine center.  It is preferable to have means of transport, some days training takes place in the woods, in town, in a park. We do not have the ability to transport  learners.

      Accessibility for people with disabilities

      We are aware of the issue of disability. Our training course is aimed at an audience in good physical condition. If you have a disability, do not hesitate to contact us, we work with partners and will do everything we can to help you achieve your professional goal.

      Assessment methods

      • Video recording of exercises done by students followed by analysis
      • Written tests in the form of MCQs (multiple choice questions)
      • Oral quiz tests
      • Scenarios with customers (fictitious and real)
      • Technical tests with the dogs of the center and the dogs of clients
      • Autoscopy, phone call simulations (making appointments, customer contact, planning management)
      • Interactive assessments thanks to a collaborative work tool

      Some numbers

      • The satisfaction rate for our training course is 97%
      • The recommendation rate is 100%
      • 100% of learners who took the professional canine educator training course offered by the canin center Au coeur des Chiens declared that they were very satisfied with the structure and the educational tools put in place for the training. Autoscopy being one of the most popular tools since 100% of trainees love this technique and specify that learning is much more beneficial than with a classic technique done on paper.
  • Your contacts during the training course

    Au Coeur des Chiens centre canin Angoulême Stéphane

    Votre référent

    Stéphane DA CONCEICAO, Founder and boss of “Au coeur des chiens” since 2011, Also of “4pat’activity” in 2009. He is responsible for the development and of the management of the center. He is assisted in his task by 4 female Siberian Huskies: Dolly 16 years old, Krystal 7 years old, Elsa 4 years old and her daughter Smoothie who is 1 year old.


    To this day, the only diploma which is recognised by the French government is the « Brevet professionnel Educateur canin » and you can do that in various agricultural schools. However the SNPCC is working on a project which should see the day in the years to come concerning the brevet professionnel Educateur Canin provided outside of schools.

    It is not necessary to have this Brevet to be able to be a dog educator, a professional course in a training center like Au Cœur des Chiens and L’ACACED (the capacity certificate on the knowledge of domestic animals) is enough, you can pass the capacity certificate with the SCC or the SNPCC.

    The role of a dog educator

    A dog educator is a professional at the disposal of owners to guide them through everything with their dog. They will be able to advise people before getting a dog, when adopting a puppy or an adult dog on the choice of breed, sex, according to the character and lifestyle of the future adopters. They are also present in the puppy’s awakening phase to give the right keys to the owners. Thus the educational program is thought out, considered and set up from the start, giving the puppy all the information necessary for its development and learning.

    They are also the person for the job when it comes to allowing a dog with a traumatic past to regain lost confidence. They are able to guide and to give the necessary information for the well-being of the dog and their owner. They know how to adapt to different situations, whether it is an aggressive, fearful, hyperactive or happy dog, each case is different.

    What makes this job fantastic

    It will be necessary to take into account the fact that the result obtained will come from the work of the dog educator of course but also the dog and its owner. Therefore this profession requires full commitment from the dog and owner, you will need to choose an educational method that is adapted and that also respects the dog, and that’s easy to put into effect.

    A dog educator needs to know how to adapt to their clients, they must use a language that is understandable and make sure that they are understood. They will frequently see if all the advice given is put into effect and that this is working. On the contrary, they should offer alternative advice. They must fix any problems to make life easier for the dog and the owner, so their bond will last.

    After the training course

    Once you are an official Dog educator, with your capacity certificate and dog educator attestation you will have to make some choices:

    Where to work?

    You do have options, either you buy some land, work in your garden or work directly at the clients place. Each choice has its pros and cons, it maymoney to rent if you rent somewhere it will cost you in money and you will have upkeep fees but you would be able to work more comfortably.

    Working at the clients place, you don’t have fees to pay but you will have to adapt to the terrain, and sometimes clients don’t have a garden. Or, sometimes the garden doesn’t have a fence around it, or they live too close to another dog which can make the session difficult. As an alternative,  you will have to find a park to do the exercises in.

    What prices?

    During the training course, we will talk about this subject which can be very delicate. What we can say is that if the price is too low it can scare the client as they can see the discount price, which does not lead them to think of how professional you are. Or a price which is too high and it scares off the client as they think that educating their dog will ruin them financially. It’s best to be in the middle of the price range.

    What investiment is needed?

    You will need a personal vehicle, a field if you want to do training from yours, a telephone to answer calls and some accessories (leeds, collar, bowl, treats, long leeds etc…). Another subject which is mentioned during the course. It is not necessary to start off with spending a lot of money, it’s one of the perks of the job, the most important thing is your knowledge and how you pass it on.

    What can I offer?

    With our experience, it is hard to start off by just doing education, another activity would be a good idea. You can sell dog food or accessories, offer boarding, organize group walks, etc.. These activities associated with education will provide you with enough income to be able to pay the bills and develop your business.

    What is the salary of a dog educator?

    There are a lot of factors to take into account to answer this question, but we can already give you some figures, following our 17 years of experience. Dog training lessons should be anywhere between: 30 and 60€. To start off with, an educator can get a minimum of 2 lessons a day and work 5 days a week. Which would be 300€ per week-1200€ per month.

    Our advice

    It is clear that where you live will have a big impact, we have seen that the countryside is in more demand than big cities.

    We do advise that you do another activity on top of education like selling dog food or pet products. But also other activities like grooming, pet sitting, group walks, agility, expo handling etc.. During the lessons we will go over this topic to be able to guide you as much as possible.

    A good educator who takes care of his image and his development can hope to bring in 2000€ a month.

    How to enroll and how to get the course financed

    Financing it yourself
    1. Contact the center by e-mail, phone or by coming here
    2. Collect the inscription folder
    3. Chose which dates are best for you
    4. Finalize your inscription either at the center or by e-mail
    5. You will receive by e-mail confirmation of your inscription to the dog educator course accompanied with your contract
    6. Return the contract signed with a check made out to “Centre canin Au Coeur des Chiens”
    7. You will receive a confirmation for the amount for the inscription
    Getting it financed for you
    1. Contact the center by e-mail, phone or by coming here
    2. Collect the inscription folder
    3. Chose which dates are best for you
    4. Finalize your inscription either at the center or by e-mail
    5. Contact an adviser either at Pole Emploi or with another funding center, give them the invoice and the course program
    6. Send us back the report from Pole Emploi or from any other funding center
    7. After Pole Emploi or another funding center has accepted to finance the course, you will receive a confirmation e-mail for your inscription and the contract
    8. Return the contract signed with a check made out to “Centre Canin Au Coeur des Chiens”
    9. You will receive a confirmation for the amount for the inscription

    Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!