Centre canin au coeur des chiens angouleme

Canigames – Walks – Shows

Before participation in any activity, a compulsory private session is required
so as we can determine the level of education and behaviour of your dog.


Play time for your dogs !

Your dog will not only be able to let of steam for 2 hours, but they will benefit from a fun and rare activity, where dogs from all breeds and ages meet together. They will be running free in a fenced off area, equiped with different obstacles for that extra fun.

As much as this is a real pleasure for the dogs (and our team !), dog games are really recommended for dogs that live alone, who are scared, who have gone through traumas or for puppies of different shapes and sizes ! Canigames is a true moment of socialization.

Things to know

  • However, there is one essential condition to meet in able to allow your doggie to participate in our famous canigames. They should have already done a private education session with us. That way our educators can get to know and appreciate your dog’s character. This is important when is comes to his relationship with other dogs and our team members. Your dog will have already of had the chance to meet with our educators dogs, who will help guide them through their first canigames.
  • It’s important to come and purchase the canigame tickets before the day, Saturdays are very busy here at the center and our educators don’t always have the time before the session to be at the till.
  • Please be aware that we do our utmost for your dog to have a great time ! it is possible depending on the weather that your dog comes home covered in mud… bathtime might be required


A getaway in the woods or in town

At a first glance, this groupe activity looks like nothing more then a dog walk… but it’s much more !

On the contrary to what dog owners normally do, we make sure the the dogs roam free.

This group activity, supervised by a close-knit team that cares about your doggie’s needs, allows your dog to exercise and learn canine codes whilst having fun.

The dog walks last from 1h to 1h30 in different places depending on the work that needs to be done:

  • Dogs that are scared in urban areas are invited to participate in the walks organized in town
  • Dogs who have socialization problems or difficulty off lead can participate in walks in the woods or in parks

Recommended in multiple cases, pack work is beneficial and provides rapid improvement (for all breeds and ages)


Knowledgeable advice 

Stéphane, the manager of the canine center has participated in dog shows for many years. In the past, he has presented several dog breeds. Huskys, since he was a breeder, but also many other breeds, such as the Australian Shepherd, Bernese Mountain Dog, Bull Terrier, White Swiss Shepherd and Dalmatian…

First of all, it is important to properly prepare your dog. His behavior must be exemplary, whether for a confirmation or for a long career in the show world.

Because the same-day registration and confirmation procedures are complex, we offer to guide you through these or take care of all the needed actions.