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Water to help soothe your pet

The canine center Au Cœur des Chiens is developing: In addition to canine education sessions, canijeux, washing/grooming… Canine hydropractice is now a service offered in our fitness area.

In an aquatic environment, the dog finds themselves in an environment subject to the physical laws of water. They will be used to ensure muscle preparation, sports training and keeping up with physical health and well-being of your dog, no matter their age and size.

For who ?

Dogs and Cats

In what situations ?

Depending on the type of problem:

  • Orthopedics / cruciate ligaments / muscle injuries / dysplasia / herniated disc
  • Arthritis / old age / sedentary lifestyle
  • Overweight dogs / behavioral problems / physical compensation
  • Hunting / shows / work
  • Well-being / play / getting used to water

What is Canine Hydropractise?

Because of water, the dog’s body is lighter. Thus, the joints suffer less, they can move and provide an effort without creating trauma for both the bone and joint.

It is useful to specify that the water is around 30°C; therefore, it relaxes the tendons, muscles and ligaments. We are equiped so as paralyzed dogs can still work.

What means do we have?

The aquatic treadmill (28°C): The animal walks with only one part of its weight to support, which promotes rehabilitation and improves muscular work depending on the water level. Spacious, it offers high performance criteria (slope 10% max – speed 10km/h max) and can accommodate dogs up to 90 kilos.

The swimming pool (27°C): It is equipped with jets which amplify the effort provided during exercises of different levels. The animal always works in a specific and progressive way adapted to its handicap.

The jacuzzi (38°C): With its massaging effect, it aims to prepare and relax muscles and tendons, to relieve animals with osteoarthritis and to relax them at the end of the session.

The canine center Au Coeur des Chiens also has proprioception equipment (peanut balls, balance boards, balance pads, freeman discs, fitpaw bones, cones and bars), as well as recovery aid equipment, such as:

  • Electrostimulator
  •  Cryo-spray
  • Massage and infrared equipment
  • Heat lamp
  • Hot-cold compresses
  • Magnetic therapy blanket
  • Back on track net

Before coming to the center, it is compulsory to have the authorization of your veterinarians well as the necessary health documents (downloadable below). It’s all about team effort: all these professionals work hand in hand for the health of your dog. It is common for the center to advise seeing an osteopath or chiropractor in order to monitor the effectiveness of the sessions.