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Dog coaching

Canine education in the heart of dogs

Lets take into account that dog training forces animals to work and obey under constraint, whereas canine education actually evolves around what the dog feels and allows us to get a better understanding of them.

Dog coaching gave us a brand new vision of dogs and how we can communicate with them. As a doggie owner, our methods will make you be more in demand to solve your dogs problem yourself.

Our canine education sessions will allow you to acquire all the necessary theory and methods of a canine educator so as you have the skills to properly educate your dog.

After a first individual session with one of our English speaking educators, we can then offer group work and other activities (play games, walks, etc.) if the dog’s behavior allows it.

The first coaching session

On your first appointement you will find us very curious, as we will try to gather as much information as possible regarding yourself, your doggie, your home, habits, etc. To start of, we will do an assessment test to evaluate the situation, this will allow us to offer you “à la carte” and personalized advice.

 We need to know the following :

  • The different problems that you are having with your dog
  • Your life together (where you live, house/appartment, frequency of walks, etc)
  • Your expectations

From all this information we will be able to explain the attitude to have and not have towards your dog and what rules you need to put into place. We will also tell you what habits you will need to have and the ones that are to be avoided.

Bacially we will show you the path to follow and help you use the right tone of voice for your doggie to understand you !