Education canine au coeur des chiens
Qualiopi logo formation certification

We are pleased to annonce that since the 25th of August 2022 we are certified QUALIOPI and this until the 24th of August 2025

The next dates for our Dog educator training course :
From the 03/10/2022 until 02/12/2022

Au Cœur des Chiens
(In the heart of dogs)

Canine center

Angoulême (16)

Not only Dog education!

Au Cœur des Chiens meaning In the heart of dogs, is more than a canine center. We are all about passion and respect for animals, the complicity that dogs build with their owners as the educational sessions progress. We only apply gentle educational methods used to highligh that strong bond between dogs and their humains.

Situated since 2009 in Angoulême, in the departement of the Charente (16), we offer canine education, canine play sessions “canigames” and lots of other different activities.

Our behavioral assessment

In able to help you as best as possible, we offer an adapted and personalized educational program. The first meeting can be done at your home. This behavioral assessment will be the perfect opportunity to meet with you, your dog, see their environnement, their habits so as we can target your needs. Once this 1h15 session accomplished, we will be able to guide you on what we can offer to help improve your dogs obedience, resolve their behavioral problems and help you to gain back that fusional relationship.

Our goal?

Strengthen the bond that you have with your furry friend. You will never hear us use terms such as submission, training, dominance, etc. We only apply benevolant methods and solutions to guarantee you that perfect harmony with your doggie.

In able to do this, we represent a strong, dynamic and smiley team, who are truely dedicated and passionate!

Our services

Our canine center Au Cœur des Chiens does not only offer dog education. We also have a fitness center with canine hydro practice and dog grooming. We are doted with years of experience in the domaine of dog education and behaviorisme, we are authorized  by the Prefecture of the Charente to deliver a certificat of aptitude for « dangerous » dogs.

We also now offer a traning course for people who want to become dog educators.

Our educational methods, also called « dog coaching » are translated by three principal phases :

  • Obedience
  • Behavioral
  • Socialization

We never use constraint on dogs. Only communication, softness and patience! And this is all it needs.

Exclusive in the Charente, we offer every Saturday morning canigames during 2 hours. During this play session, your doggie will have the opportunity to let of some steam and make new friends.

We can welcome up to 30 dogs at a time in our center.

In the heart of dogs we educate but we also groom ! Your doggie loves to jump and roll in muddy puddles ? they regulary have lots of knots in their fur ? we can help for health, confort, hygiene and for beauty reasons !

We can offer a wash, cut and blowdry and your doggie will be as beautiful as ever !

Au coeur des chiens hydropratique canine centre de remise en forme

One of our main activities here at the center is canine Hydropractice. Our center is equiped with reliable and adapted equipment such as a heated pool, a jacuzzi and an aquatic treadmill. Our canine proprioception material is from the reputed famous brand FITPAWS.

After an aquatic session with your doggie, we can also use heated lamps to help with their physical recuperation.

formation chiens dits dangereux au coeur des chiens

It is obligatory for owners of certain breeds of dogs that are so called « dangerous dogs » to hold a license.

Our canine education center Au coeur des Chiens is able to dispense the one day full training course needed in able to issue you with the licence also know as the certificate of aptitude.

We help you with the administrative procedures, can give you personalized advice, and offer meticulous education. Basically, we accompany you from A to Z for a serious and irreproachable service.

You dream of having this fantastic career ? 

We want to train up professionals, who will be fully capable of managing canine education sessions the day after they finish their course.

By giving relevant advice and by putting you in professional situations, Au Coeur des Chiens offers you a complete training course which will leave you with indisputable skills.

Keep uptodate!

We regularly update our blog and social media with information that should be of interest to you : 

  • Dates of the next play dates or dog walks 
  • Important upcoming events 
  • Exceptional opening hours of our center
  • Open days
  • All things new
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