Toilettage lavage grands chiens au coeur des chiens Angoulême

Washing and grooming for big dogs


In Angoulême, dog washing is booming! Many owners seek canine professionals to take care of their doggie and make them clean and neat.

Having noticed that owners of large dogs have difficulty washing their doggies, the canine center Au Cœur des Chiens offers dog washing in Angoulême, in the Petit Fresquet district.

How we work

    • For washing your dog, we offer adapted facilities and professional equipment. We are equipped with a flat-bottomed hydraulic stainless steel bathtub and a hydraulic grooming table… All specially designed for large and tall dogs.
    • We carry out a complete wash of your dog (coat, under coat, ears, eyes and claws) with detangling and drying. Of course, this wash is “à la carte”. It is possible to trim according to your expectations, always respecting the dog and its breed.
    • We use shampoo, conditioner, flea and tick treatment, shine spray and a leave in conditioner… Always according to the needs of the doggie.
    • Each product has been carefully selected so as not to cause skin irritation problems. A wide range is offered to you, but you can nevertheless come with your own shampoo if you wish.
    • We also take the time to gain your dog’s trust. Our skills in dog training and in the human/dog relationship gives us a good advantage to put him at ease. In addition, you can attend the washing if you wish, if your presence does not disturb your animal.

Our advice

We advise owners of young dogs to come and do an awareness wash. On the one hand, it allows our team to make contact with the animal, on the other hand, it allows your dog to discover the equipment, the noise, the atmosphere. Thus, he will be much less worried during the actual wash.

Out of respect for the dog, we recommend a frequency for washing with a reasonable duration.

Thank you for considering these tips.